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First and Foremost...

We are absolutely living our dreams and loving what we do!

That is why when you participate as a guest on one of our tours you will immediately feel as though you are part of our extended family.


Our Mission


Our mission is that you feel great, have fun and leave your worries behind while participating in an adventure that you and your family will talk about for years to come. 

How We Got Started


My name is Neil and my wife and I are the owner of Wildside 4x4 Tours.  My parents took me and my three brothers to truly beautiful places and off-road adventures growing up with a mighty Toyota Land Cruiser. They taught us how to fish, canoe, read a map, shoot a gun and really have fun on our expeditions.


As I got older I worked in Denver but was drawn to the mountains. So, in 2008, me, my wife Kimberly and two children Jake and Jessica moved to Estes Park and started a tour company called Rocky Mountain Rush (now named Wildside 4x4 Tours) with one truck and one guide - just me. Over 12 years now we have grown to 30 employees seasonally and they are all like family to us and we love them all!


How We Have Grown


What makes us truly different from our competitors is that we are constantly investing and re-inventing ourselves. As an example, our flagship vehicle (Jenny) that we designed and built, is the only vehicle to have 9-foot gull-wing doors with a convertible Lexan top that can transform from near full convertible to fully closed, and still maintain a staggering usable viewing area of over 96% when closed!  Now we have two of those trucks and acquired an off-road company in 2011 called American Wilderness Tours. Since then we have custom designed an additional 12 fully tour trucks specifically designed for off-road adventures, with safety and comfort at the forefront.


We love our lives and are now working on a Dream that Kimberly has had since she was 9 years old.  We are building an adventure park and hope to have it open in the fall of 2021.   Every day is a new and fantastic adventure!

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