Large Group Events



Let Your Next Big Event Be Unforgettable!

Our goal for large groups is to provide you with first class attention from beginning to end. Whether your event is a corporate event, school events, wedding, or large family event, we have a tour package for you.


We create memories of a lifetime!

National Park Tours

These are our mild tours that travel through Rocky Mountain National Park with spectacular views, breathtaking snowcapped mountains and wildlife viewings along the way. These tours include a walk to a waterfall, a stroll around a beautiful lake, and so much more. We have two custom trucks with clear convertible tops with 9 foot tall gull wing doors with forward facing seats. We have heaters and blankets on board too.

Off-Road 4x4 Tours

On this adventure we take you through a very special permitted part of the National Forest for some rugged off-road thrills, interpretive nature stops, and great music to boot. If you want a little more speed, adventure and Wahoo’s in a tricked out 4X4, then this is it, this is your choice!


Your professional guide will drive you up steep climbs and boulder fields, floating you out of your seat on the water bars. The highlight destination, in our opinion, is the private viewing tower with 360 degree views where you can see over 100 miles on a clear day.

Also, our pavilion, at the top of Panoramic Peak Mountain, is a great place to host large group events, which creates a genuine rustic mountain adventure experience.

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Wildside 4x4 Tours operates under a special use permit for the Roosevelt National Forest, USDA Forest Service. May 15th –December1st. We are an equal opportunity service provider.


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